As trusted electricians in the Broxbourne area, we find ourselves in situations where need to isolate the property from the mains incoming supply. Often this is not possible without a mains isolator switch and lots of properties just simply do not have them.

What Does an Isolator Do?

An isolator works by physically cutting off the power supply coming into your property.

What are Isolators Used for?

All electrical equipment requires servicing or replacing from time to is such with fuse board upgrades and rewires. Current protection devices such as isolators have become standard equipment and are installed in all new build properties. Unfortunately, they are rarely found in older properties in the area. An isolator protects us electricians from the risk of electrocution. More importantly they can be used by yourself to isolate the electricity to the house if there was to serious malfunction of the electrical equipment. Only the other day we had a phone call from a customer that reported crackling and smoke coming from her fuse board. Luckily, she had a mains isolator, and we were able to talk her through the process of how to disconnect the supply preventing what could have been a serious house fire.

How do I get an isolator fitted?

An isolator must be fitted by your energy provider. This service is normally free of charge and can be fitted on a day of your choosing. 

What do they look like?

The image you can see is a typical example of isolator, they can be found in your metre cupboard or close to electricity metre if its in your property. As stated this is normally a free service and why not take advantage of that and help protect your family and us electricians.

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