Ok, so when we are changing a light fitting, connecting up an oven or adding in that new socket, why do we make such a big fuss about having an Earth cable or CPC (circuit protective conductor, as we call it).

Well first of all, what does it do?

In basic terms, if something goes wrong with a metal light fitting or washing machine or any other metallic appliance or accessory, it prevents you from getting an electric shock, it does this by providing electricity, which is as lazy as a teenager a direct route to earth and making those protective devices which we keep banging on about trip.

Where will I find them?

They should be at every, switch, socket, light fitting and pretty much everywhere there’s a cable or a copper pipe sticking out of the ground within the home.

So, what if my lighting circuit ain’t got one gov?

Well, we come across this quite a bit in homes throughout the Broxbourne and Harlow areas, the best option would be to rewire your lights but sometimes this just isn’t possible, so class 2 or double insulated lights and non-conductive switches really should be fitted in regards to safety.

What’s Bonding then?

Well, bonding connects stuff together and Earthing gives a fault current a route back to earth,
To give you an idea of what I am rabbiting on about here’s an example, a protective bonding conductor is simply a connection between a metal toaster, water pipe and tap. Without the bonding conductor, a faulty toaster could become live, you could have a hand on the toaster and touch the tap at the same time. Zap! You’re now the route to earth and nobody wants that.

Why do we bond to gas and water?

Without bonding to the incoming gas and water which are connected directly to earth there is a chance of a Zap, if there’s an electrical fault., so if the pipe work is connected together and there a fault, they would rise to the same potential reducing the risk of an electric shock.

This is also a very important electrical regulation and the electrics in your home cannot be signed off without it.

How to recognise if your home has the correct earth bonding

To find out if your electrician has carried out earthing and bonding correctly, take a look at your gas meter. You should see a pencil thick green and yellow cable attached to it, also have butchers at your water stopcock, you should see one there also.

 If you’re concerned about the electrical safety within your home give your local Electricians a call today on 07742485307