The in the last seven days we carried out a varied array of jobs at JJB electrical ltd, but the shock of £1.82 for litre of fuel took a bit of getting over, luckily a quick coffee and doughnut seemed to cheer us up.

At the start of the week, we were in Cuffley installing outside garden lights and a PIR security light for a loyal customer, then from there we were off to Hertford changing a fuse board to replace an old rewireable out dated one to a new all singing all dancing surge protective device, RCBO, 18th edition consumer unit.

Wednesday we were in Cheshunt installing some Data points in a loft conversion, which was struggling from a very poor internet connection and some very unhappy children, luckily we managed to run some Cat 6 data cables from the main router in the front room to the loft which made everyone happy.

On Thursday we were in Potters Street, in Harlow changing halogen downlights to new energy efficient LED alternatives and installing some undercounter LEDs in the kitchen.

Friday was a day of testing and inspecting carrying out a landlord certificate in Wormley then off to Hertford to change some old worn sockets and more LED kitchen lighting (playing how do we get those cables behind the kitchen units)

Saturday morning, we were in Hoddesden carrying out a Electrical installation condition report for a 3 bed house, then spent a while battling our way through traffic due to the M25 slip roads being closed yet again, more doughnuts anyone.

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