What are soffit lights and what do they do?

Soffit lights are directional lights, that are fitted in the Soffits and Eaves of buildings to enhance your property, adding amazing pools of directional light to your outside spaces and patio spaces. They also add a dramatic lighting effect to make your house stand out in the street.

Can I have soffit lights?

As long as there’s a space for the light and we can get a cable there then the answer is YES you can.

Where can I have them?

They look amazing on the front and back of house, above garage door, in porches, around summer houses and outside spaces.

Can the bezels be different colours?

We can pretty much match any colour to your current soffit and eaves, plus if you fancy something striking that really stands out, we are more than happy to accommodate you.

How are they switched?

Soffit lights can be hard wired which may involve chasing out walls or using some sort of containment to keep those cables safe, or they can be setup to come on at dusk and go off at dawn, we can add in sensors to switch the lights on when movement or people are detected.

Our most popular option is to switch them wirelessly, you can basically have switches anywhere in the home that you wish, they can be linked to you home network so you can switch them when you are out and about, we can even supply you with a key fob to keep in the car or on the bedside table.

Do the lamps/bulbs come in different colours?

They come in warm white, daylight and cool white, plus loads of other colours, we fit as standard a GU10 fitting so the lamps are easily replaced to change to lamp to suit your future taste.

Are they dimmable?  

They can be installed to be dimmable but this may narrow down some of the switching options.

Most LEDs can be dimmed but you will need a LED compatible dimmer installed as well, they can be dimmed from 5% all the way up to 100%

Are they expensive to run?

We fit LED A+ efficient lamps as standard so you can rest assured you will have the most energy efficient option available.

If you would like to get some soffit lighting installed give us a call on 07742485307

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