This week we’ve been working in the Cheshunt area of Hertfordshire, we’ve carried out various different tasks, everything from outside lights all the way through to EICRs.

Our week started off with a couple of EICRs which highlighted a few dangerous situations, one of these was being able to touch the live parts of a fuse board, which was a bit of a shocker!!  So, some remedial action was needed straight away to make the fuse board safe, just because an accident hasn’t happened does not mean it won’t, a lot of dangerous electrics are often over looked within the home, we often hear ‘well no ones had a shock yet’ or its ‘always been like that’. Electrical safety within the home is very important and should never be overlooked.

The week progressed on to some soffit lighting, which really made the house stand out on the street now those dark evenings are drawing in. We can install a variety of different lighting colours in soffits and also give our customers a good choice when it comes to switching methods, we can even offer smart switching from your phone.

Midweek we had the ‘my electrics have tripped and they won’t reset’ call, we can normally find the cause of a fault within the first hour of investigating, and provide our customers with a solution to the problem.  In this case we found that a few furry friends had taken a liken to the taste of twin and earth cable, which was ran under the floor.  We got the power back on and returned later in the day to run some new cables more suitable to the environment.

Thursday, we jumped on to some security and ring flood light installation, we can pretty much install these everywhere, but always remember the correct type of cable is needed to be used outside, as twin and earth cabling breaks down in elements and causes unwanted faults.

The week came to an end with some light change overs and another EICR.

If you need an electrician to carry out the small jobs as well as the big jobs give your electrician in Cheshunt a call, we are more than happy to help you out

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