When having your loft converted, they are a few questions that need answering when it comes to the electrical side.

‘How do we get power up there and what do we need?’

Firstly, we need to look at getting power to your new space, are there any risers which run from your existing fuse board to your loft area, if not we may need to lift floor boards and chase walls to achieve this.  Then we need to work out what you need, in regards to how many socket outlets, downlights, electrical showers, heating and smoke/heat/CO2 alarms.

Your current electrical system needs to be assessed to see if it’s safe to be altered and can handle the new demand, this can be done by carrying out an electrical installation condition report or periodic inspection as it was previously known, but there are other alternatives such as adding a new consumer unit/fuse board for the loft only which keeps it separate from your existing electrical system.

Also, many building controlling bodies may require you to have interconnected wired smoke alarm system throughout your property, at a basic level, LD3 system means you have a heat alarm in your kitchen and alarms installed in circulation spaces and rooms which form part of the escape routes, such as in the loft, on the landings and hallway spaces.

When thinking about socket outlets normally 4 double sockets per bedroom is suitable for modern living but you may require more for tv points or home office requirements.

Lighting is a big part of any space within a home, how many lights and what type do you want? such as downlights, pendants or wall lights and how/where do you want to switch it from.

One over looked subject which can cause a massive problem is, ‘does my WIFI reach the loft?’ if not data cables and points may need to installed to accommodate your needs.

All electrical works need to comply with the latest edition of the wiring regulations BS7671, on completion of the Electrical works an electrical installation certificate and building compliance need to be issued for your wiring.

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