Can I have a new cooker circuit installed and if so, how is it installed?

If you have an old fuse board with fuse wire, it is possible to install a new cooker circuit, but there are few factors to take into account first:

  1. Any new circuit installed in an existing fuse board needs to meet modern day safety standards.
  2. Does the old board have space for the new circuit?
  3. Can the old board take the new load?
  4. Is financially viable.
  5. Most importantly of all is it safe to add the circuit.

But it is strongly recommended that you upgrade your fuse board to a modern consumer unit, with all the latest required safety protective devices that are required under the electrical regulations, before installing any new circuit. Have a look here for some information on upgrading your fusebord

Old fuse boards with fuse wire are outdated and can be dangerous, as they are not as reliable as modern consumer units with circuit breakers, RCD, AFDD and SPD protection. In addition, the old fuse boards may not have the capacity to handle the increased load of a new cooker circuit, which could result in tripping or overheating.

If your budget doesn’t allow for a new consumer unit upgrade, it may be possible to install a stand alone smaller fusebox for the new circuit.

So once the system has been brought up to modern safety standards or a new fuse board has been installed, what are the steps to install the new circuit and what’s involved?

A cable route needs to be planned and a cable must be run from the consumer unit to a point of isolation for the cooker. Carpets and floor boards might need to be lifted and taken up, walls may need to be chased out, tiles and kitchen units might need to be removed to get the cable to where it needs to go.

Once all the works have been completed, the circuit needs to be tested and the results recorded on an Electrical installation certificate. You will receive an electrical certificate and a certificate of building compliance on the completion of the works.

It is best to have a qualified electrician assess your electrical system to determine whether your fuse board needs to be upgraded before installing the new cooker circuit. If an upgrade is necessary, the electrician can advise you on the best course of action and provide you with a quote for the work. Once the fuse board has been upgraded, the electrician can then install the new cooker circuit safely and correctly.

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