This is probably the first questions which will probably cross your mind when thinking about upgrading your fuse board, the answer depends on a number of factors.

Price matters and more importantly so does safety, these two factors pretty much dictate what type of board you go for whether it be a spit load board or a RCBO board, which brand of consumer unit you want and whether you want AFDD’s (arch fault detection devices), there is basically a solution to fit most budgets.

Before any board change its highly recommended that an electrical installation condition report is carried out, to remove any dangerous situation and remove any potential faults. Without doing this you could potentially be left with some unusable circuits after your board has been changed and in some of the worst circumstances no power at all.

This is because new fuse boards are much more sensitive and pick up on faults which older fireboards wouldn’t have. The latest fuse boards offer a much higher level of safety because of this. Our pricing for an electrical installation condition report starts from £180 for smaller properties and our price for an 18th edition compliant consumer unit with RCBO protection start from £550, this doesn’t include, fixing any dangerous situations or anything else that the electrical installation condition report may highlight and will require rectifying before the consumer unit can be upgraded, this price may

So, in a scenario where a small property doesn’t require any remedial works after an EICR the total cost including testing and certification will start from £730.

If you would like to have your fuse board upgraded to including the latest protection, please give us a call on 01992 276087 and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and offer you solution.