Light switches are a common household item that many of us take for granted - until the dreaded day it doesn’t work, then it’s the most important switch in the house. Light switches are a simple yet effective way to control the lighting in a room and have been in use for many years and will continue to be a valuable electrical component in the home.

There are many different types of light switches however, the most widely used are the toggle switch and the rocker switch. The toggle switch is the most traditional type, and it has a lever that moves up and down to turn the lights on and off. The rocker switch, which is the most commonly used switch, has a button that rocks back and forth to control the lights. Both types of switches are available in a variety of styles and finishes, such as white, brushed metal, chrome and varies different colours to match any decor.

Light switches can also come with additional features, such as dimmer switches. These are very handy as it allows you to control the brightness of the lights in the room. You can also have timers, which automatically turn the lights on and off after a certain period of time.

With ever changing technology, some newer switches also come with smart technology, allowing you to control the lights via WIFI or Bluetooth from your phone or with voice
commands. There is also the option for wireless switching which has made it easier to add additional lights in rooms without the need to disrupt the fabric of the building. The switch is a simple pad that can be positioned wherever you like. with the addition of key fobs it really is a simple way to light up any room. Please follow the link link to our blog on
everything to do with wireless switching

Installation of a new light switch can be carried out by the homeowners, however this should only be undertaken if you feel competent to do so. With two way and intermediate switching coupled with smart technology it can sometimes be a mine field. If in doubt always seek the help and advice of a professional to undertake the job for you.

Overall, light switches are a very convenient and practical way to control the lighting in your home. With the various styles, finishes and smart features available on the market, there is a light switch to fit every taste and need.

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