At JJB Electrical in Cheshunt, we share the same passion and love for our cats and dogs as our customers do.

With the holiday season over and many pets given as presents and now settled in their new loving home. Are you really prepared for all aspects of safety in the home when it comes to your electrics? 

Puppies and kittens are curious by nature and tend to turn your home into their playground and everyday house items become their toys. Curious Pets can cause an electrical hazard or fire in ways you may not have thought about. Here are some hints and tips to keep them safe!!

Keeping cables out of reach

Keep those dangling and loose cables secure out of reach as these can be a serious shock hazard to your pets. If your pets are allowed to play with or chew on those wires it can result in shocks, burns, injuries from a falling object or worst case even electrocution. This can all be avoided by simply keeping electrical wires out of their reach and hidden. If you are unable to keep them out of reach you could use plastic tubing designed for concealing wires

Always keep an eye on your electrical appliances

When you are not using or in control of the appliances in your home its quiet easy to forget that they are even on, it may be a good habit to unplug or switch off any appliances that you may have normally left on. As a bonus this will save you money as appliances left on stand still use electricity 

It’s also worth mentioning to make sure you TVs are correctly fitted to walls or units and devices are either securely fitted or removed from table tops and work surfaces to avoid any unwanted breakages.

Rules and boundaries for your pet

This is mainly for those pets are left to roam freely when you are not about. Firstly teach your pets the no go areas. This can be achieved to treating these areas with training sprays that leave a bitter taste that your pets will have a negative reaction too. If you have a means to close off certain areas while you are away this is one of the best precautionary way to stop any unwanted chewing. 

Water and electrics don’t mix

Avoid putting your pet’s bowls near electrical outlets or trailing leads. Its always good practice within the home to keep your electrical appliances away from any water sources such as baths, sinks or showers this principal should be applied to your pets water bowls. Dogs or cats can be particularly messy when it comes to drinking so keep those bowls away from potential electrical danger.

Ensure your yard is secure and properly fenced

Pets love to play outside, which can be hazard within itself if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Fencing off your garden properly can help to keep them away from dangerous outdoor electrical items such ground lights, Christmas lights and underground concealed wiring. Again, never leave any electrical equipment outside or unattended. 

If you have any outdoor electrical equipment, it should be protected by an RCD to prevent you and your pets from risk of electrocution. 

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