As electricians in Broxbourne and Hertfordshire area, we are often call out to customers homes to fit new ovens and hobs. Sometimes this is a straight forward swap over, but more often than not the appliance is not fit for the original power supply

We hear far too often that people have purchased a new cooker or hob and paid the supplier for installation only for them to turn around and say that the current supply is unsafe or not what they expected and are not able to proceed. Not all installation are the same, many are installed by kitchen fitting companies and are not up to current regulations. Only this week we had to install a new supply for a customer for this very reason. Do not panic there is always a solution.

How do I know if the oven I’m ordering is compatible?

Ordering a new oven or hob can be a mind field and most people just pick these based on the look and what the salesman in the shop will tell them is best. First thing first you need to check the current rating your existing oven or hob you have installed. This will normally be found on a sticker in the door recess or in the case of the hob it will be underneath. It will have a kilowatt rating on it. Your electrical supply should have been originally installed to cater for that kilowatt rating, so as long as your new oven or hob matches the current rating of your existing one you shouldn’t have any problems. If you are having a new kitchen installed it is very important that kilowatt rating of the new appliances is passed onto the kitchen installers as they will need to make sure they install the correct cable, breakers and connection unit.

What happens if the oven I ordered isn’t compatible?

Do not fear it’s not all bad news! Some modern-day ovens or hobs run off a simple 13amp plug top and can be plugged into any socket outlet. An additional socket may be needed to be installed in cupboard next to the appliance if there isn’t one already. If the appliance is to high a rating for the existing install it may be a case of installing a new cable and breaker again this in most instances can be easily done at reasonable price.

If you are still in doubt, please feel free to contact us, we can offer advice on what your best option are and give you a free quote for any new installations you may need for new oven or hob. If you would like a quote or advice for your appliances, give us a call today on 07742485307