There’s nothing quite like feeling completely safe and secure in your own home. 

It’s something we can easily take for granted until that safety is threatened by someone trying to break into your home.

Security lighting is one of many ways homeowners can keep themselves and their property protected from unwanted visitors and external dangers. By lighting up any outdoor areas, we actively deter intruders and give ourselves peace of mind at night. 

But what else makes security lights such a great investment for your home?

1. They deter burglars

When the sun goes down, thieves will use darkness and shadows to their advantage. Studies show that most household robberies take place during the day but the majority of targeted properties are scouted at night when doors, windows, and locks can be inspected under the cover of darkness. 

Security lights are bright enough to illuminate dark spots and hiding places, making it significantly more challenging for thieves to inspect your property up close or gain access without being seen. 

A motion activated light also detects motion and attracts instant attention, allowing neighbours, pedestrians, or home security cameras to catch anyone acting suspiciously around your property.

2. They’ll last for years

Because they live outdoors, security lights are typically weather-proof and built to last. Once they’ve been installed, you shouldn’t need to think about replacing them for quite some time.

For even better longevity, consider buying LED security lights instead. LED lights are safer, more reliable, and require fewer bulb changes, saving you time and money.

3. They are energy efficient

We all appreciate a good cost-saving, especially in this day and age. Not only will LED security lights protect your home, they’ll also protect your savings! 

Because they use a much lower voltage than traditional light bulbs, High standard LEDs use less energy and last much longer, which means a nice saving on your electricity bill and money saved on buying frequent replacement bulbs.

Learn more about updating your old halogen bulbs to LEDs

4. They increase the value of your home

When you invest in high quality security lights, you instantly add value to your home. Not only are high-tech features a win for upping your asking price, built-in security features can also attract more potential buyers, so prepare for a bidding war!

5. There are options to suit everyone

No homes are exactly the same, so your security lighting shouldn’t be either. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there for every type of household. 
If you’re looking to attract quick attention, motion sensor wall lights are highly recommended. Unlike standard lights, the motion detector will trigger the light to switch on when movement is detected. Because they’re wall-mounted, you can fit one in multiple locations, including your front door, back door, garden gate, garage door, or outdoor office. 

For people who live in more secluded areas with less street lighting, security floodlights are a great option. Flood lights are very bright and cover a wide area, which means plenty of light in dark locations. 

If you’re more planet-conscious (and budget-conscious), solar lighting can save you energy and money. The light’s solar panels will soak up energy from the sun during the day and provide artificial light at night. The downside of solar lighting is that it’s not always reliable in countries with less sunlight (like the UK). 

Remember, when fitting outdoor lights, electrical safety is key. Qualified local electrical contractors can help you achieve a secure home without compromising your family’s safety.

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